I make paintings of fictive spaces which have the potential to appear as architecture, but in a way that is isolated, and slightly out of reach, as if seen through half closed eyes or glanced at quickly. I think of them as daydreams; they appear insubstantial, simultaneously suggesting imminence and disappearance, and offering an escape from the weight of the object world.

The paintings explore the interplay between the illusion of real space, the grid, which often exists as a fragment, and the surface and structure of the support. The flatness of the surface and the limits of the painting are brought into play by the use of a frame, and a shallow space, which operates almost in relief. Through the use of layers, repetition, and uncertainty, space is negotiated and time is gradually accumulated.



Recent exhibitions:


2020, Phase IV Intersections- Art/Architecture, Greenwich

2020, A Little Painting Show, Leeds

2019, Phase III Le Modulor, Galerie HLM, Marseilles

2019, Typologies, Cambridge

2019 Painting the In-Between, Leeds

2018 Emergence, Air Gallery, Manchester

2018 Paint North, Leeds

2017  NoFormat Gallery Open, London

2017 Air Gallery Open, Manchester

2017  Jackson Art Prize winner, Air Gallery

2017 Bankley Gallery Open, Manchester

2017 Small World, PS Mirabel, Manchester

2017 Painting [Now]  Studio One Gallery, London

2016 Lost and Found, Grimsby 2016

2016 Utopia/Dystopia, Bath 2016

2016  Scarborough Prison Drawing Project

2014  April Virgoe & Chris Lillywhite: Disrupt Continuous Readings, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe and University of Teesside

2014                      Stuft all over Again Group exhibition, Red Gallery, Hull

2012                      Critical Impact , University of Hull

2011                      Palimpsest animation at Lightworks International Festival, Grimsby

2010                      Frequency Drift Abbey Walk, Grimsby

2010                   Frequency Drift,  Red Gallery, Hull

2004                      Stuft: Group show, Red Gallery, Hull

1998                   April Virgoe Recent Paintings, The Gallery, Poole Institute